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Hiking to Pickens Nose

November 22, 2015


A beautiful Sunday calls for some time outdoors. After doing some research, we found several great hiking trails just North of our cabin in Tiger, Georgia.

Just outside of Otto, NC at the NC/GA border is the Coweeta Hydrological Laboratory. Along the gravel roads by the lab are many hiking trails – several of which connect to the Appalachian Trail.


We chose to tackle the Pickens Nose Trail because of the views of the Southern Nantahala Wilderness to the North, West and South into GA. When the weather is clear and crisp, there is nothing better than standing atop a mountain and seeing for miles.

Pickens Nose gets it’s name from the nose-like outcroppings along the mountain face. The trail is short, but has so many beautiful overlooks to stop and appreciate.

It’s been hard to find places to let the dogs run free off-leash since moving to Charlotte, so anytime we can hike an isolated trail is always a welcome event. It’s so much fun to watch the dogs run and race and explore, there is always so much pure joy on their faces!


A majority of the hike is through a tunnel-like canopy of Rhododendron, Mountain Laurel and Native Hardwoods, giving the forest an ethereal feeling.




We also saw several anchors to come top-rope and lead climb on. We had the trail to ourselves, and it was nice to find climbing areas not overrun with people.


Sadly, there isn’t a lot of hiking around Charlotte (that we’ve found yet). So, in an effort to get the pups more used to city life, I’m working on compiling places in the Charlotte area that dogs are welcome. I’m looking for restaurant patios, bars, and cool spots where dogs are welcome with the humans. If you know any, please let me know in the comments below!



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