Snow in the QC Pt. 2

January 25, 2016

There was a #Snowpocalpse on the Eastern seaboard this weekend, in case you hadn’t heard. We got a light mist on Wednesday night, but it didn’t stick around. Thursday night I attended a party for BrewPublik and wore my Sorel boots on the off-chance the weather would snow as predicted. When I got home at 11pm and no clouds in the sky, I figured this was another storm blown out of proportion in the South, and that it was be the New England region that saw the snow.

So when I woke up on Friday morning to go to a 6am workout class, I was happily surprised!

At 5:30am, I walked outside to snow! I got so excited, I was the first one on our street to be up and experiencing it, so I got to see it in the most pristine condition. I immediately took a photo and posted to Instagram (#NoFilter), the sunrise was just so perfect!



The dogs absolutely loved the snow. Since it was so early, I took them on an off-leash walk around the neighborhood so they could play in the snow to their hearts content. Sasha loved it so much, scooping up snow and burrowing under the inch that we had.

The rest of Friday was spent lounging around with a stack of books and hot tea.


Meanwhile, Matt has been stranded in NY/NJ. He was in the town of Red Bank for work this week, and the storm completely changed his plans. Originally he was supposed to fly back to Charlotte Friday night, but they swapped their flights to Thursday night when the storm began approaching. Sadly, all flights into CLT were cancelled, so he didn’t end up getting home.

He ended up flying to Atlanta, and then renting a minivan with several coworkers (to the tune of $1,000 for a one day rental!!!) It was super exciting to have him back in Charlotte with all the ‘big snow’ on the ground.


We went on a long walk with the dogs and played their favourite winter games in the park: Catch That Snow for Moose, and Let’s Eat Snow for Sasha.

One great thing about our neighborhood is that a lot is walking distance. So we chose to take a leisurely stroll into NoDa for some lunch and beer at FūD at Salud, and take a stroll back along the rail line. With all the snow on the ground, we could see that the trains hadn’t been running since the snow began, so we felt very safe walking such a secretive way home.


To cap off a snow-filled weekend, we went tailgating with some friends for the Panther’s Game. It was so much fun feeling everyone’s excitement for what was a powerful game, sending the Panther’s on to the Super Bowl!


It’s been a great year for cats in the Carolinas – Clemson went to the National Championship and now Panthers are going to the Super Bowl.

But, the winter wonderland is short lived. Today’s temps will be in the 50s, and what is left of the snow will most likely go away by nightfall. Everyone is heading back to work and gearing up for a long week ahead. Hopefully we’ve got a few more snowfalls in the cards – Lord knows I’ve got the gear for it!




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