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Exploring Glassy Mountain

May 24, 2016

The weather forecast for this past weekend was supposed to be torrential downpour across the Carolina’s – cancelling a backpacking trip we had planned to Lake Jocassee. It ended up being actually really beautiful and would have been perfect camping weather which has reinstated my belief of never looking at weather forecasts and just accepting the weather as it comes.

As a rain contingency plan, we headed down to Northeast Georgia for a weekend we expected to fill with a cozy fire and bottles of locally made wine.

When Saturday morning looked amazing, we decided to check out an area we had heard about called Glassy Mountain. Rumor has it that the name comes from the mica that covers the mountain, giving it a glassy look when the sun reflects off of it. We didn’t experience the glassy effect, but we did have an incredible journey. I will apologize in advance for all of the pictures: the weather kept going between beautiful and ‘it-may-rain’ so all of nature naturally looked amazing.

Initally, Matt didn’t want to do this hike. Everything we read about it was that it was short and on a gravel road. A far cry from our favourite activity of finding remote wilderness areas and wandering through terrain that hasn’t been affected for human consumption.

While it was short (1 mile each way), and on a service road, it ended up being a worthwhile adventure.

We drove up Glassy Mountain Road in Tiger, Georgia until we ran into a gate barrier. [Click here for Google Map directions] There, we parked and unloaded the dogs. The road up to the top was a steady and steep incline, lined with trees along both sides. As we approached the peak, we saw signs designating the helipad and warning us to look for air traffic.

Atop the mountain are several radio towers, along with an old lookout tower,built in 1941. We dropped our items on a picnic table at the bottom and began the 5 story climb to the top for amazing 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains. We were able to find the mountain our cabin is on (Tiger Mountain), see the expansive Lake Burton, and a little sliver of Stonewall Creek Vineyards. The top of the tower had an old office, that hasn’t been in use in a long, long time.

A fun find was the horseshoe court near the tower, where Matt & I immediately played a game to 10. Each inning our skill improved and by the end of the game, I was actually sad for it to be over. I lost by 3, but I demand a rematch!

The dogs thoroughly enjoyed running around the field and helipad. Any time we can take them out of the city and give them free reign off leash, we take advantage. They aren’t city pups, just like their owners aren’t exactly city people.

If you’re in Northeast Georgia and looking for a perfect place to picnic or grill (they had a charcoal camping grill there!), this was certainly a nice change of pace.

Would you believe every single picture in this post is an unedited photo taken on my iPhone 6s plus? I am obsessed with the image quality.



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