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No Hard Work for Labor Day

September 7, 2016

For Labor Day, we did something completely unlike us: we relaxed and did nothing.

We headed down to our cabin in Northeast Georgia with the dogs and spent Saturday afternoon eating lunch in downtown Clayton at the U-Joint, then hit up the grocery store for commissaries for the weekend. The rest of the day was spent lounging around the house, reading books, and cooking dinner together.

Sunday, we took the dogs to a state park we hadn’t explored yet – Smithgall Woods. It’s located down near Yonah and Helen, about an hour drive from our cabin. After paying the $5 fee and determining we wanted to do the Ash Creek Trail. At only 3.6 miles, it was an easy trail on a warm day for our oldest dog who just can’t hike like she used to.

This was a great trail for the pups because it was incredibly isolated. We knew we were the first ones on it for the day because we walked through every spiderweb on the trail. We did go around one where a particularly hardy spider was wrapping an insect it had caught. Hey, if we’re going to walk through their woods, may as well respect them.

This trail also had the benefit of fording two nice creeks, which the dogs absolutely loved. They’re not fans of lakes or the ocean, but man do they enjoy walking through a babbling stream.

The trail portion of the hike ended at a covered bridge and more water, where we got to see some trout anglers playing catch and release. Smithgall Woods is an angler’s paradise, with a great trout stream (Duke’s Creek) running through the land and limited permits given to fish. Angler’s can only catch and release, meaning fish are plentiful and large.

A lazy sunday evening spent cooking dinner and watching The 5th Wave finished out a lacsidaisy day.

How did you spend your long holiday?



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  • Reply Steven September 7, 2016 at 12:18

    Got a new trout stream to try now!

    • Reply Tents Trails + Cocktails | Emily Stewart September 7, 2016 at 12:42

      I actually thought of you when We were there! I know how much you enjoy catch and release. Better register for a permit now – they only give out 30/day and the waitlist is ~6 weeks!


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