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The Rufus Morgan Trail

February 21, 2017

Over the weekend, we got out of town to head to the mountains. I was getting Cabin Fever at home, so no better cure than a trip to a mountain cabin!

Sunday was supposed to be a 75 degree day, and we were anxious to get back on the trails after a 6 week hiatus. With an unseasonably warm February, we thought more of the trails would be accessible but we had a hard time finding access to our favourite trailheads. Our first attempt was to do Pickens Nose again, but the gravel roads in that part of the Nantahala Rangers District are still closed. (Ugh!)

So we found a new trail in Franklin, North Carolina. AllTrails had some confusing information regarding the Rufus Morgan Trail’s actual length, but the directions to the site were perfect. The gravel road to the trailhead was closed, but we were ready to get out of the car and be outside so we just started from the bottom.










From the gravel parking area at the bottom to the waterfall, it was a roundtrip of 4.9 miles. There is a loop option to continue past the waterfall, but we opted not to this day.

It was an ambitious hike for the first one post-recovery, but the 60′ waterfall at the end was a pleasant surprise. It was in a lush, green area I don’t normally associate with the wilderness of the South – around here it tends to be more red clay instead of green moss.

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