A Morning of Snow

March 13, 2017

We woke up Sunday morning to snow. It was a huge surprise to us, since the past few times they’ve called for snow it’s been entirely underwhelming. But, amazingly, there was perfect, light, fluffy snow at our house.

And here I thought Little Bear’s first snow would be in Alaska.

All last week we had temps in the 60s and 70s and I was lamenting the fact that it was so warm. When we woke up Saturday and it was chilly enough to need a jacket, I was over the moon. We spent Saturday in Greenville, SC checking out a brewery and attending a toddler’s birthday party. While it was a cloudy day, it was perfect for seeing friends and checking out our old neighborhood.


We headed back to Charlotte Saturday night, hearing that they were calling for snow but not taking it seriously at all. Throughout the winter there had been threats of snow that resulted in either ice storms or big winter misses. I didn’t even allow myself the thought of it. I figured even if it did snow, the ground would be too warm for it to stick.

So you can imagine my surprise when Matt calls out to me at 7am to come and look out the window.

“No really. Come look!”

I assumed there was something crazy happening on our street (not uncommon), and was gleefully overjoyed to see snow! I immediately insisted we get dressed and ready – this was Little Bear’s first snow and we were going to celebrate it! And amazingly, it was happening in North Carolina and not Alaska! I had been gearing up to go to Anchorage and play in the winter wonderland that Alaska’s been experiencing that I never suspected we’d have our own mini-winter wonderland here!

The dogs were in Heaven, running around and catching snowflakes. They were in their natural element and never wanting to leave. A stroll to the local coffee shop for warm beverages made it a perfect snowy morning.








Alas, by the time we met up with some friends for lunch at noon, the sun had come out, the temperature had risen, and the snow was but a memory.



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