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Two & A Half Minutes of Darkness: Eclipse 2017

August 27, 2017

Monday August 21st was an amazing day for science. A full eclipse made its way across the USA, starting in Oregon and finishing in South Carolina. When we realized our cabin in Tiger, Georgia was smack dab in the middle of the path of totality, we put in vacation requests and made plans to spend a long weekend in Northeast Georgia.


We decided to hike to the top of Glassy Mountain for the spectacular event. We knew that Rabun County was being flooded with visitors from all over the US for the eclipse, but Glassy Mountain is quite a steep hike. We didn’t know whether there would be a handful of people joining us or a field-full. Fortunately, only about 50 others decided to make the trek up the mountain so there was enough space for everyone.


While the rest of the county was fighting traffic, we were picnicing happily under a warm sun. Some college kids made a large eclipse viewer for everyone to watch and the USFS rangers had extra glasses for everyone.



You guys, I can not comment enough on the wonderfulness of the USFS staff. They were all over the county, answering questions and keeping order; and in the days and weeks leading up to the eclipse, they ran great social media accounts with concise and good information. They made sure we enjoyed the event, and I couldn’t imagine it would have gone so well without all of their hard work.




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