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This is a moving announcement.

February 12, 2018

Big News!

As has appeared to be our habit every three years, we are moving! Where to, you may ask? Well, once again we are crossing the country, 5000 miles back to Alaska.

We just couldn’t stay away from those amazing mountains, what can I say?

It is incredibly bittersweet because, while we have always known that Charlotte isn’t where we pictured ourselves long-term, we do have an amazing support system of friends and family here that is going to be incredibly hard to leave. We love our daycare, our gyms, the friends we knew and the friends we made, having our familys less than an hour away. I love the amazing mothers I have raised my child with, whose babies I love like they’re my own. We love our walkable neighborhood, and our cute little condo. I love the amazing group of women I advise at Queens University, and watching them become great leaders. It’s a lot of wonderful things to leave.

But we missed Alaska. We missed 20 minute drives to isolated hiking trails, salmon fishing with a dipnet, backpacking in 20* temps along icy lakes, being able to park at a crowded trailhead and still find an isolated trail. We missed rock climbing, ice climbing, snowshoeing, skiing. I missed the restaurants, the closeness and paradoxial expansiveness of everything. We can’t wait to raise Bear there, and have him grow up in nature. We can’t wait for the dogs to have more freedom and explore.

As we involve ourselves with the logistics of selling a home in North Carolina, buying a home in Alaska, transporting all of our material goods and vehicles 5,000 miles, flying a baby and two dogs across the country, me starting a new role at a great company, Matt continuing his work, and getting settled in we recognize what a huge undertaking it is.

We can’t wait to share this next chapter with you!



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