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Hiking Colorado: Berthoud Pass

June 26, 2018

About 9 months ago, some of our good friends from Charlotte made a move to Denver, Colorado and we’d been dying to visit them since the day they left our neighborhood. We finally got the chance to head to the Mile High city to spend a weekend with good beer, great people, and amazing views.

We decided to tackle some mountains and head to Berthoud Pass. On our way, we made an amazing pitstop.

Red Rocks Amphitheater was built by the CCC during the Depression as a way to put Americans to work. It’s natural acoustics and beautiful views are put to use most every day and evening. During the day people hike near the arena, and workout on the stairs. At night, music lovers jam to great bands or enjoy any of the numerous events put on. Basically, it is an amazing place.

After the fun pitstop, we made our way on the winding road towards Winter Park to tackle almost five miles of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, starting at Berthoud Pass.

We hiked 4.5 miles, tacking 1,200 ft of elevation after starting out at 11,307 ft. Since we live 285 ft above sea level, I was feeling the altitude real hard. Shortness of breath like crazy, and my bpm was in the 170s. Regardless, the views were total heart-eye emoji and worth every step.

We spent time in the Vasquez Peak Wilderness Area, enjoying the sights and looking for a mysterious lake some other hikers told us about. The trail would be amazing to backpack – following it over to Stanley Mountain and Jones Pass.

Needless to say, I don’t think it will be my last trip to Colorado. I mean, the Fjallraven Classic USA is there next June!



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