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The Breweries of Golden

June 29, 2018

Golden, Colorado is possibly the most adorable town I have seen in a while. Located about a half hour from Denver, Golden was the sight of a big gold rush. It’s surrounded by great mountains and hikes and home to real cowboys. It has a great greenway through town, a river you can float, and a classic main street. It also is home to good beer!

Most notably, Coors is located in Golden. Visitors can take a free tour of the facility if you’re willing to wait in the long line to go. There’s also a ‘locals tour’ which basically gets you free samples.

The first brewery we checked out in town was Golden City Brewing Co, aka the Second Biggest Brewery in Golden!

I tried The Sponge’s House, a pineapple infused beer that was perfect for the hot summer day!

Yes, someone actually rode up on their horse to the brewery.

Next, we checked out Mountain Toad Brewing. They had a food truck, a lovely patio that Bear loved wandering and playing in, and more delicious beer. It was a perfect afternoon to spend wandering.


Making your own trip to Golden? Here’s a list of the other breweries in town! See what else I’m drinking on Untappd – even though I am terrible at updating it. *hands over eyes emoji*┬áIt’s a cool app that lets you track the beers you drink at bars and breweries, so you can keep tabs on your faves


If I had to move to Colorado, I’d want to live here but I probably couldn’t afford it. Like everything in Colorado, lovely views comes at a high price.



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