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DIY: Fireplace Makeover

We finally finished!!!!! In December when Matt was gone for work for almost the entire month, I planned on re-doing our fireplace as a Christmas gift to him and me. It would be a gift for him because he wouldn’t have to do anything,…

March 18, 2014
DIY Home Decor

DIY: cheap laundry room upgrade

If you’re anything like me, laundry is the bane of your existence. Every day I feel like I think things like: where did we get all these clothes? Are we being celebrities and doing multiple outfit changes a day? Why is it so much…

February 13, 2014
Home Decor

I finally hung some pictures!

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I updated. I lent Matt my computer so he could do computer stuff on it, and it’s tough to borrow it away from him to have time to do everything I need to do in…

January 19, 2014
DIY Home Decor Uncategorized

DIY: Ikea Lamp Upgrade

Several months back, I was browsing around the Ikea in Charlotte (as I was often known to do, back when I was a ‘Lower 48er’). One thing I love about Ikea is it’s affordability, and it’s selection of goods. Most of our house is…

September 28, 2013