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Back in Alaska: Honey Bear Hike

Currently, I am back home in Anchorage for Anchorage RunFest. I say back home, even though I am not an Alaska native, because it’s been my most favourite place that I have ever lived. We made awesome friends up here, and got to explore…

August 17, 2016
Get Outside

Hiking Flat Top Mountain in Anchorage

It seems that everyone who lives in Anchorage has climbed Flat Top Mountain at least once in their time of residency. The location is perfect; it’s visible from town, and only a 15 minute drive to the trail head. Once at the trailhead, it…

June 4, 2015

Canoeing, Ice Cream, & Sasha Being Super Helpful

Great news everyone, we finally bought a new gun! We are officially ready to take on any bears that may come to attack us. Matt even got a super cool holster that straps it to his chest, for quick bear fighting reaction time. Does…

June 23, 2013