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Home Decor

Renewed: My 100+ Year Old Church Pew

Greetings! If you’re anything like me, you’re in denial about how close Christmas is to being here and pretending like you don’t have gifts to go out and buy for family and loved ones. Instead, I will focus on our Christmas miracle: the rehab…

December 21, 2015
Home Decor Lifestyle

We Have A New House & It’s Kinda Cool

Yo yo yo, welcome to our crib!¬†We recently moved and we found a condo we really love. We really like our neighborhood, everyone who lives around us has dogs, I can walk and ride my bike to cool bars and restaurants and yoga. I’ve…

October 8, 2015
Home Decor

A Sweet, Sweet Gift (& reminder of home)

Today when I got home from running errands, I saw a large box on our porch. I knew it was coming because the FedEx guy had left a note on our door yesterday, but I still didn’t know what it was or where it…

July 25, 2013
Home Decor Lifestyle

Home Interior: Living Room/Dining Room

After almost 30 days with our furniture, we finally are getting rooms set up! The first area we got settled is a place where we spend a lot of time: The living room! This house is different than our last in that there isn’t…

July 23, 2013